As a sales rep at ZeroPercent , your role involves taking sales calls on offers you are placed on. This fully remote position offers the opportunity to grow and build a career closing for SaaS companies.

About ZeroPercent : 

ZeroPercent is an ecosystem of multiple offers tailored to the SaaS industry, we place sales reps directly into SaaS companies and handle sales for them end to end . We make sure every team member is provided with all the resources they need and set them up for success , this is a family of A players. We are 100% remote, offer opportunities for talent and pay handsomely.

What We're Looking For:

Sales Rep Mission:

1. Learn and study the offer you are placed on.
2. Takes sales calls scheduled into your calendar
3. Report back stats from your calls.

What Makes You A Fit:

  • Have hunger and dedication

  • Have previous experience as a sales rep

  • Have verifiable proof of experience

  • Have Attention to detail and time management skills

  • Ability to speak confidently with high level business owners

  • Resourceful and able to hit kpi’s set 

  • Communicative and professional 

  • Willing to grow and progress within a business

  • Have reliable internet, a good computer, a high resolution camera for calls

Sales Rep Responsibilities:

  • Study the offer and company you are closing for 

  • Show up on time for calls in your scheduled time

  • Follow up with now shows and continue a conversation with them

  • Communicate with the team daily 

  • Report back results from your calls daily 

  • Watch back calls that don’t close and write down potential improvements

  • Attend to team calls as scheduled

Additional Attributes

  • High output and willingness to work hard

  • Be able to adapt quick and implement new sales strategies

  • Commitment to follow-through on verbal and written agreements.

  • Able to take initiative and want to grow in the position

  • Honesty, integrity, and maintaining trust and confidence.

  • Be open to feedback and take action based on it

  • Respectful to team members and prospects

Bonus Qualifications

  • Expertise and understanding of the SaaS industry

  • Experience closing for a SaaS company

  • Entrepreneurial experience.

Expected Career Progression:

Sales rep Sales leader  ZeroPercent ecosystem opportunities

What You'll Do :

We’re a fast-growing company , and your responsibilities will vary over time, but these core responsibilities will always remain the same:

Daily :
  • Takes sales calls

  • Write down notes from calls taken

  • Follow up with no show clients

  • Reschedule calls

  • Communicate with the team

  • Report sales calls stats back at EOD

  • Participate in internal team calls

As Needed:
  • Takes sales calls on time

  • Follow up , takes notes , communicate and report

Our Recruitment Process:

Initial Application: 7 minutes
Initial interview: 30 minutes
ZeroPercent Assessment : 30 minutes
Final call with leadership team

We like to move fast. Our hiring process end-to-end typically takes under one week. If we think it will take longer we will let you know.