Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager at ZeroPercent, your role encompasses helping clients answering their questions, solve their problems, team management, Assisting with tasks, and recruiting. This fully remote, full-time contract position offers the opportunity to work with successful B2B businesses worldwide and overview projects by managing operations and sales reps.

About ZeroPercent:

ZeroPercent is an ecosystem of multiple offers tailored to the SaaS industry, our main offer is we place sales reps directly into SaaS companies and handle sales for them end to end . We make sure every team member is provided with all the resources they need and set them up for success , this is a family of A players. We are 100% remote, offer opportunities for talent and pay handsomely.

About Our Clients:

Our clients are growth-oriented, successful B2B businesses and SaaS companies in various niches. They value their time and require a reliable project manager that solves any issues that may come up and makes sure the project is running smoothly and on track to hit desired goals.

What We're Looking For:

Customer Success Manager's Mission:

  1. Build deep, trusting, and long-term relationships with clients.

  2. Overview the sales reps and projects for each client

  3. Assist with various tasks

  4. Profile applicants and recruit

What Makes You A Fit:

  • Excellent listening skills and the ability to build deep relationships based on trust.

  • Professionalism, maturity, and reliability to meet the expectations of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Strong communication skills in verbal and written English.

  • Highly resourceful team player who meets deadlines and follows through on commitments.

  • Tech-savviness and a quick learner of new technologies and software.

  • Experience in the b2b world, SaaS and sales.

  • Intelligent, adaptable, and problem-solving mindset.

  • High-performing individual with a desire to achieve and grow financially.

  • Proven ability to manage projects and operations

  • Availability to work 6 days a week

  • Professional remote work setup including reliable internet, high-quality audio and video equipment, quiet space, clear background, and good lighting.

CSMs Responsibilities:

As a Customer Success Manager, your responsibilities include:

  • Building deep and lasting client relationships:

  • Acting as the primary point of contact for all client communication and ensuring high responsiveness.

  • Leading bi-weekly check-ins to provide updates, gather feedback

  • Understanding clients' businesses and meeting their expectations.

  • Ensuring timely delivery of services and proactively identifying and resolving any issues.

  • Creating a referral culture where satisfied clients are eager to share their positive experiences.

  • Ensuring sales reps schedules are in sync with sales calls calendar

  • Communicating with sales reps and making sure they hit kpis and are on board.

  • Monitoring sales calls statistics for each client daily

  • Monitoring daily end of the day reports from reps

  • Monitoring deals calendar and verifying payments

  • Onboarding clients and employees

  • HR profiling taking interviews and recruiting candidates

  • Assisting with operations and daily tasks

Additional Attributes

  • Efficiency in producing significant output with minimal wasted effort.

  • Strong work ethic with a track record of working hard.

  • Adaptability to quickly adjust to changing priorities and conditions.

  • Commitment to follow-through on verbal and written agreements.

  • Proactivity in taking initiative and bringing new ideas to the company.

  • Honesty, integrity, and maintaining trust and confidence.

  • Coachability and openness to feedback.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Expertise in Automations and operational efficiency

  • Wide-ranging B2B experience across multiple industries.

  • Entrepreneurial experience.

Expected Career Progression:

Customer Success Manager --> Customer Success Director --> Head Of Fulfillment

What You'll Do:

We’re a fast-growing startup, and your responsibilities will vary over time, but these core responsibilities will always remain the same:


  • Client Onboarding Calls

  • Client Communication Via Email and slack

  • Screening candidates

  • Communication with sales reps

  • Completing tasks


  • Client projects review

As needed

  • Client Check-In Calls

  • Sales reps Check-In Calls

  • Calls with the team

Our Recruitment Process:

  • Initial Application: 5 minutes

  • Initial interview: 30 minutes

  • Final Call With Leadership Team

We like to move fast; our hiring process end-to-end typically takes an average of 1 week. If we think it’ll take longer, we’ll proactively let you know.